Trailer: Looking, the new HBO gay tv series

  • 15.11.2013
  • By Till
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The first images of the new much-anticipated HBO gay show are here! Since Queer As Folk ended eight years ago, TV shows about gay characters have been pretty rare on the small screen. Titled Looking, the brand new show follows three gay friends living and loving in modern-day San Francisco.

As seen in the trailer the tone will be less campy and fun than Queer as Folk but more contemporary and gritty like Girls, another HBO show about a group of girls in their early 20s living in New York.

Jonathan Groff, known for his stint in Glee, plays Patrick, a 29-year-old video game designer getting back into the dating world. The actor talked about the realistic sex scenes on the show to Out magazine : "I hope that our sex scenes are sexy — and I think that they are — but I think even more than that what we’re trying to display is a reality of gay sex as opposed to the salaciousness of gay sex. We’re trying just to keep it real—which means humor. Some of our sex scenes are very emotional and very beautiful. Some of our sex scenes are awkward. We’re trying to get as close to reality as we possibly can. Hopefully, when people watch it, you’ll think, Oh, I’ve had that exact experience. I know what it feels like to be intimate with someone in that way."

Looking premieres on Sunday, Jan. 19, at 10:30 p.m. on HBO. Here is the trailer and the teaser:

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1 comment

marcoymril - 17 November 2013 17:48

Très hâte de découvrir cette série !

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