"Small is Beautiful!" The famous words of economist Schumacher fits perfectly with Sitges. The city has the charm of a small Catalan village and the torrid atmosphere of a Spanish seaside. Away from the sometimes stifling modernity, Sitges is indeed one of favorite holiday destinations for gays. Still preserved from mass tourism, the gay community has made its domain. Beautiful beaches, Mediterranean climate, very few large institutions but hotels, bars and upscale clubs, Sitges is a destination boosted the summer.

The summer period is overloaded Gay events: It starts in February with the Carnival gay, for an entire week, the "Sitges Bear Week" in April, the San Joan festival that starts the festivities were followed by the recent Gay Pride in July and in August the Fiesta Mayor.

No time to be bored in the meantime with the constant activities of gay bars and clubs from July to September. From a cultural standpoint, the city was visited by 19th century artists like Dali, Miro and Picasso. Anecdote is Sitges has opened the first gay bar in Spain. It was also at Sitges born the very first gay nudist beach!