Amsterdam, city of all the prohibitions? Sure, it's that the climate of extreme tolerance which reigned there for a long time strongly contributed to make of Amsterdam some of the gayest cities - friendly of the world. Amsterdam so was the first one to possess a monument dedicated to the gays, a Pink Point intended to inform the gay tourists and some of the first capitals to have known same-sex marriages. The gays are here at home!

Undergoing the competition of the city of Berlin and the simultaneous closure of a large number of gay establishments in spring, 2010, Amsterdam knew a certain reduction in attractiveness. But after the opening or the reopening of numerous gay establishments, the city found all its interest back, with its 3 gay districts, in full city center and easily accessible to feet: Reguliersdwarsstraat and Amstel, Warmoesstraat and Zeedijk and Kerkstraat.

The city account two major meetings: King's Day, the party of the King, end of April and Canal Pride end of July, only gay - pride on the water, organized on the canals of the city. These two events attract more than 1 million participants every time.