Forget the cliché of Bavarians drinking liters of beer! Munich has much more than that to offer and the capital city of Bavaria has become a big gay-friendly destination! Or course, the influence of the Catholic Church, (very conservative), is still very strong. But Munich still managed to become a city with a very rich gay cultural life. The annual Gay Pride (know in all German cities as CSD, that is, "Christopher Street Day") is strongly supported by the municipality which does even more : a room of the City Hall is each year put at the disposal of the organizers by the Mayor, in order to host the gay pride parade's main evening event.

Munich also has a gay neighborhood, the Glockenbackviertel, in which most of the gay establishments of the city can be found. This is where the main events take place, such as the annual gay leather and fetish meeting in March, during the Starkbierfest, Gay Pride in July and the gat Christmas market. And since beer still is an important part of Munich's history and life, you should know that the Beer Festival (Oktoberfest) in October, hosts one of the major gay events of the year, the Gay Sunday.

Overall, Munich is a charming city with an important cultural heritage: two operas, several theaters, museums and chic gardens (including a park in which naturism is allowed in the city center!). It also his lucky to be one of the richest cities of Germany!