With the Latin style and its Parisian charm, the gays were seduced! Liège, is undoubtedly some of the gayest destinations - friendly of Europe. Cultural and economic metropolis of Wallonia, 2nd bigger river port of Europe, Liège is situated in the heart of networks TGV and motorway European. They are several thousand Belgians but also of Europeans of any nationalities which don't hesitate to make the journey towards this dynamic center.

Two districts are known to be typically gays: the district Except Castle and the marketplace, close to the city center where are situated several small cosys coffees. An ideal place to walk quietly and take advantage of the serene and peaceful living environment which offers the city.

To party, it's in the Square that it takes place! From the beginning of evening, the bars of the district open their doors to whoever wish to have fun! In Liège, no discrimination, everybody is invited to join the party. It's this climate of big tolerance that is so much appreciated in Liège. Finally, the city has no Gay Pride but it celebrates the Gay Street at the middle of September and attracts thousands of Belgians in all the city.